About Stilbjerg Fishing Lake

About us

The lake was established in 1991 and is located in a scenic area surrounded by forests. Here you can get very close to nature. While fishing, you may also be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the red deer that live in the forest. It’s amazing that the wildlife is so abundant just 5 km from the centre of Billund.

Our put and take lake has an area of about 2600 square metres and is a groundwater lake. It is located in a drinking water area, so the water quality is first class. The lake has different depths and holes of up to 5 metres. The cool groundwater and the varying depths ensure that the fish in the lake do well in both summer and winter.

Facilities and amenities

We want our visitors to have the opportunity to clean their catch before taking it home. Our cleaning table is located at the back of the shed by the lake. The table is cleaned every day and the bin is emptied daily to ensure good hygiene.

If it is rainy and windy on a day you visit the lake, there are 3 rainshelters around the lake as well as 2 large shelters so it is possible to seek protection from the rain. You can’t always count on the Danish weather.

There are also as many benches as possible around the lake so you can sit down and enjoy your packed lunch and the beautiful nature.

At the lake there is a newly renovated shed with a nice toilet that is cleaned every day.

There are no grills at the lake, but you are welcome to bring your own as long as you clean up after yourself.